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3-hour documentary recounting the infamous Long Island New York slayings which set the stage for the 1979 blockbuster "The Amityville Horror", 5-sequels, and the latest MGM movie which debuted nationwide April 15th 2005. * 2-year project features rare interviews with all living "players" involved with the Amityville saga gathered together for the first time in one session. * Exclusive interview with world-renowned psychics and authors "The Warrens", Ed and Lorraine, founders of the New England Society For Paranormal Studies and Psychic Research headquartered in Monroe Connecticut. * Pennsylvania-based "psychic-sleuth", author and lecturer Mary Downey who has investigated over 15,000 paranormal incidents during her 5-decade career. * Exclusive, in-depth chat with Dr. Hans Holzer Ph.D , NYU professor, lecturer and author of over 200 books and publications on the occult and supernatural occurrences and who investigated the events which transpired over a 3-year period at 112 Ocean Avenue Amityville. Dr. Holzer assembled the "psychic sleep over" at the former Lutz home during the spring of 1975 along with documentary camera crews and guests featured in this special. * First no-holds barred public interview with original Amityville homeowner George Lutz since 1989. * First ever interview with convicted murder Ronald DeFeo's wife Tracy from Greenville South Carolina. *On

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